Google Play Store for iOS | Google Play Store iOS: Wonder why and how to download and install the Google Play Store for iOS? At the end of this article, you will get the answer to both these questions. Google Play Store is the largest of the app store with a huge collection of apps. Not all the apps available in the Google Play Store is available in the iTunes store. Also, the price of the paid version of the apps is comparatively low in the Play Store. For all these reasons, one can switch to Google Play. It is likely to be considered that Google Play Store is an Android based application software that doesn’t get supported by iOS platform. To get Google Play Store on iOS, one must install an emulator on the iOS device. It can be downloaded by jailbreaking or without jailbreaking. Having an emulator will let you work on different android apps on the iOS. Google Play Store is also available for other devices like Google Play Store For Windows PC, Google Play Store For MacGoogle Play Store For LinuxGoogle Play Store Apk For Android, Google Play Store App For iOS, Google Play Store For Windows Phone and Google Play Store For Blackberry.

Google Play Store for iOS

Google Play Store for iOS

The incompatibility of using the Android platform’s software over the iOS platform is one biggest problem. Any other platform cannot compensate the advantages given by using the Android OS. The user interface and the compatibility of the Android device are always the best. Being an iOS user, any more you will need not feel for not having the Android apps on your iOS device. The article deals ultimately about the Google Play Store for iOS version and the different ways available with which an iOS user can download Google Play Store. Get to know more about Google Play Store and follow the methods given in the article to get the Play Store on your iOS device.

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Google Play Store for iOS

Not all the facility of Android is available on the iPhone/iPad. Several security concerns restrict an iOS device, and hence it is not compatible. Android OS is being used and preferred by millions of people from around the world. Most Android smartphone users are aware of Google Play Store. It is the official store that has all the collection of Android app with it. Google Play Store was formally referred to as Android Market. It has now become a one-stop place to get all the apps ranging from music, movies, books, games, apps, magazines and tv programs. Google Play Store for iOS provides its users with both free and paid version of apps. Play Store is an online digital media store that offers apps for every other need. The reason for it may fall in the tracks like Android is the most compatible platform with simple interface and design.

Google Play provides several numbers of apps for the user which iTunes doesn’t offer. The Play Store has apps developed by some third-party app developers which are strictly forbidden in iTunes Store. The iOS platform being highly secured doesn’t permit the entry of the third-party app developers. It means that all the apps in the iTunes store are either developed by the Apple Inc., itself or by its approved developers. To be more concerned, the premium version of the apps costs less in Google Play Store when compared with the iTunes store. One would get the same experience as like using the Android apps on the iOS device when Play Store is downloaded.

Download Google Play Store for iOS Via An Emulator

Due to the platform incompatibility, Google Play Store for iPhone/iPad device cannot be directly downloaded. Play Store for iOS can be used in the iOS device only when an emulator is installed on that respective device. The emulator will bridge the compatibility concerns between Android and iOS platform. The emulator runs the app belonging to one platform on the other platform. Hence, working with the Play Store on the iPhone/iPad becomes an easy task. An emulator can be downloaded to the iOS device by two methods. It can be downloaded without any jailbreak or by jailbreaking.

Download Android Emulator for iOS Device Without JailBreaking

Google Play Store can be used on the iOS device when an emulator is downloaded and installed without any jailbreaking. Cydia is an emulator that can be downloaded for the iPhone/iPad thereby Play Store can be installed on the same device. Cydia provides a graphical user interface that helps in installing the software or apps unavailable. Get Cydia without jailbreaking if your iOS doesn’t have it. iAndroid is the app that is not directly available in the Cydia store. So the user needs to add the source of iAndroid to Cydia to use the Google Play Store. Follow the steps to download and add the source of iAndroid to Cydia.

Step 1: Open Cydia on your iOS device. Now click on Manage option available at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: There will be three options like PackagesSources, and Storage. You can Click on Sources option.

Step 3: All the sources that were already available on Cydia will be shown in the alphabetical order. You can search for the source from the Url If this source is not added, then you have to add it to download Android emulator for iOS.

Step 4: Give the Source Name as and iAndroid as the App Name.

Step 5: After adding this source, you need to click on that source. Now you will get a series of apps from the above source. You can search for the iAndroid app and then click on it.

Step 6: Tap on the Install option on the top right corner of the screen, and you have to wait for its installation to get completed.

Step 7: Once after the installation gets completed, go back to the menu of your iDevice. Now you will find iAndroid on your iPhone menu.

Step 8: You have to tap on the app’s logo to launch it. Now a new windows iOS download will be opened with all the full features of Android. You can use those features without any restriction like an Android user directly on your iOS device.

Download Android Emulator for iOS Device By JailBreaking

Google Play Store can be accessed on your iOS device without any restrictions by jailbreaking the phone. To use this method in accessing the Android apps, you need to have an emulator and Apk version of Google Play Store. Follow the steps below to use Play Store on the iPhone/ iPad without jailbreaking.

Step 1: Choose an emulator that works on your iOS device.

Step 2: Download Google Play Store Apk file from the trusted source and install it.

Step 3: Install Bootlace and Cydia. Now you can launch Cydia from your iOS home screen.

Step 4: Select the Manage button, tap on Edit option and then check Add option. Now type Cydia’s web address and install it followed by the installation of Bootlace.

Step 5: Now run Bootlace and reboot your iOS. Open iBoot and install it from Bootlace.

Step 6: After iBoot installation, you can install iDroid by checking the iDroid button next to the Open iBoot. After iDroid’s installation, you have to reboot your iOS using Android OS. As iDroid is an Android OS customized for iOS, it will allow you to access all the android apps available in the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store for iOS – Features

  • Download and install any Android apps available from the Play Store on the iOS device with the downloading of Google Play Store.
  • Apps section of the Google Play Store lists uncountable applications ranging from educational to entertainment and fitness apps and lots more.
  • Play and stream unlimited music files with the Google Play Store for iOS download. Google Play Music section lists millions of songs from different languages and genres.
  • With the download of Google Play Store, you can access several hundreds of gaming apps for both free and paid on the iOS device.
  • Download e-books written by several authors from the Google Play Store for iOS. The e-books range from comics to thriller.
  • Read unlimited magazines and news from the Google Play Store’s Newsstand section.
  • Watch and download movies and tv shows with the Movies & TV section now with the Google Play Store for iOS download.

Google Play Store For Other Devices:

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Google Play Store for iOS – Screenshots

Google Play Store for iOS

Google Play Store for iOS

Google Play Store for iOS

Google Play Store for iOS

Hope the information provided is helpful to you in dealing with Google Play Store for iOS. Comment below in case of any queries.

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